Michaelmas Term 2018 to Easter Term 2019


Sebastián Sánchez-Schilling


Sebastián is a third-year undergraduate reading single honours Philosophy at Durham, and a Laidlaw Scholar in Research and Leadership. For his Laidlaw research project, Sebastián worked on the 20th Century revival of virtue ethics.


Jessica Lauman-Lairson

Deputy Editor

Jessica is currently doing a masters by research at Durham. She previously read for a BA in Combined Honours in Arts at Durham and wrote her dissertation on implicit classicalism in conceptual metaphors about quantum mechanics, arguing that scientific realism about quantum mechanics is an untenable position. She is currently researching the relationship between AI, human reasoning, and logic.


Adam Windgårth

Assistant Editor

Adam is a Swedish third-year at Durham reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Currently, he is writing his dissertation in moral philosophy. His research interests include, but are not, limited to the relationship between moral philosophy, economics and politics.

Previous Editorial Teams:

Michaelmas Term 2017 to Easter Term 2018

Clara Senior

Deputy Editor

Clara was a third-year undergraduate reading Psychology and Philosophy during her time with Critique. Her studies focused on Metaphysics, Logic (formal and philosophical), Philosophy of Mind, and some areas in Philosophy of Science. 

Charlie Smith


Charlie was a fourth-year undergraduate reading single honours Philosophy, returning to Durham after having spent a year at the University of Hong Kong. He wrote a dissertation on Habermasian normative critique of mass surveillance. After graduating from Durham, Charlie went on to study for an MSc in Political Theory at LSE.

Matthew Gibson

Assistant and Web Editor

Matthew wass a fourth-year undergraduate reading Philosophy, Politics and Economics and had spent time at Uppsala University, Humboldt Universität and the University of Maribor. He wrote a dissertation on the relationship between Adorno and radical realist political theory. Matthew is currently studying philosophy at KU Leuven.