In June 2019 Critique, Durham University Philosophy Society’s journal will be holding its annual undergraduate philosophy conference.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate the diversity and quality of work being done by undergraduates studying philosophy at the university. The Department of Philosophy at Durham teaches both ‘analytic’ and ‘continental’ philosophy. The department also has unique research expertise on the history of women in philosophy. Students at Durham have the opportunity to engage in philosophy through modules in other departments as well, like in the Classics and Ancient History, Theology, and Music departments.

Critique requests submissions of papers in the form of an abstract. Abstracts are brief statements of argument which detail what will be discussed in the paper and should not exceed 300 words. Accepted papers will then be delivered at the conference. Candidates should be prepared to speak for 20 minutes on their paper and 10 minutes in the proceeding Q&A.

Any undergraduate at Durham is allowed to submit an abstract. Papers can deal with any topic in philosophy, and can deal with ancient philosophy, the history of philosophy, analytic and continental philosophy, as well feminist, queer, psychoanalytic and critical theories. Papers can be based on academic essays students have previously worked on, although we request that they should have achieved a first-class grade.

The conference will be in the second or third week of June, with the exact location and time to be determined. We will also have a prestigious keynote speaker attend. Details will continue to be released in the following weeks.

Submissions deadline for proposed papers is the 10thof May. Any submissions or queries should be directed to our email du.critique@gmail.comwith the subject “Undergraduate Philosophy Conference”.